Galerie Gugging

demel anna


Anna Demel was born in 1971 in Vienna, Austria. The self-taught artist was originally a professional dancer and was prompted by an injury to find her creative channel anew. Thus, in 1999, painting became her new artistic outlet. In addition to working on canvases and wood, the artist soon encountered paperboard, which quickly became her favourite material. Using a specially developed technique, Anna Demel creates Cnouchis – creased, three-dimensional wall objects – and small & large, high-quality, churned writing books, which she affectionately calls Booklets. Anna Demel works intuitively and can’t be without artistic creation for long, because then an inner restlessness overcomes her and the next Cnouchi “calls” her and initiates the creative process. In addition to her artistic work, Demel is also a successful coach and is presented for the first time as part of an exhibition at the galerie gugging vienna.