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spoerri daniel


Daniel Spoerri was born in 1930 in Galaţi, Romania, and became known as a dancer, poet, object artist, founding member of the Nouveuax Réalistes and founder of Eat Art. As an object and installation artist, he devotes himself to diverse artistic activities. In the 60s he became famous for his snare pictures – random moments stuck with glue. The examination of the transformation of things as well as the metamorphoses of his own person permeate his artistic work. Thus, he appears as a master of culinary art and coined the term Eat Art. Countless exhibitions, including retrospectives, and acquisitions by international museums strengthened his position as a central figure of post-war art in Europe. The artist lives in Vienna and Seggiano, Italy, where he still works on a sculpture garden. Part of his oeuvre can be found in his exhibition house in Hadersdorf am Kamp, Lower Austria.