Galerie Gugging

oehl & friends SE#13 – new date

28/11/2021 15:00:00

*** NEW DATE ***
oehl & friends SE#13 
Sunday, November 28, 2021, 3 pm

Villa Gugging
*** Tickets online available ***


Dear music friends, dear friends of the gallery gugging,

Due to the guidelines at that time, the concert oehl & friends #12 on November 29, 2020, unfortunately could not take place. The tickets purchased for the first date last year will of course remain valid. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to welcoming you to our gallery gugging special edition with oehl & friends on November 28, 2021.

The next musical highlight in the midst of the Gugging art brut art and at the place that also served as inspiration for pop superstar David Bowie – oehl & friends with an exclusive live set in Gugging.

The 13th edition of the “gallery gugging special edition” series once again promises to be an unforgettable musical experience. When even Herbert Grönemeyer raves in the highest tones about the artistic uniqueness of a band and immediately hires them for his own label – that is a good sign. And he should be more than right with his assessment: Oehl are one of the most exciting new discoveries in pop music these days and are currently taking the German-speaking market by storm with their unmistakable sound and poetic miniatures.

Also not averse to musical experiments, singer and songwriter Ariel Oehl has put together a fascinating formation especially for this unique performance: with the great Sophie Lindinger (LEYYA / MY UGLY CLEMENTINE) and the songwriter Tobi Elsberg (THE MORE OR THE LESS), Ariel Oehl brings two top-class guests onto the stage of the Villa Gugging.

Oehl & friends thus join a series of unique matinees and premieres that have been taking place in Gugging since 2017 as part of the “gallery gugging special edition”. Among others, magical moments have been provided by Manuel Rubey & Gerald Votava, Mira Lu Kovacs, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Jana Irmert, Runar Magnusson, Voodoo Jürgens, Lubomyr Melnyk, Christopher Chaplin, Lukas Lauermann, Kana, James Moore and Art Brut (band).



It’s German-language pop in a new quality, created by the Viennese singer-songwriter Ariel Oehl and the Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Hjörtur Hjörleifsson. Pretty dry beats, finest bass riffs and dreamy synth magic: that’s enough here quite often, that’s the basis on which Ariel Oehl presents us his poetic miniatures – always a bit melancholic, always with a magic in the voice. But this is captured by Hjörleifsson, tirelessly creative.

“Independent, clever and artistically special”, Herbert Grönemeyer calls his label protégés. This music takes you along, wraps you up, is full of charm. Oehl make music that sounds so new and intimate at the same time. It fits on the dance floor (“Ceramic”, “Clouds”) as well as on an autumn walk (“Thousand forms”) and into bed (“New wilderness”). It’s pop that feeds on art and literature.

And no, it’s not only love that is being negotiated here, it’s about the magic of being a father (written for son Elon: “Ceramics”), about mourning (“Overnight”), about politics (“Put on”). Actually, it’s about the great, whole meaning and the search for it. It’s music that knows the gray that is at home between light and dark, in the time between the days and thus proves to us once again that life consists above all of nuances. Oehl make serious music with great ease. How good that feels.



Singer and songwriter of the Salzburg band THE MORE OR THE LESS and half a lifetime friend of Ariel Oehl. First performances together in 2008.


Singer, songwriter and producer. Mastermind behind MY UGLY CLEMENTINE and one half of the band LEYYA. Also, to be heard on about half of all Oehl songs.

Artistic direction ‘Special Edition’: Michael Martinek
Director gallery gugging: Nina Katschnig
Sound & light engineering: Wolfgang Wehner

*Photo © Rea von der Liszt