The gallery gugging is a hotspot of the art brut scene and a place that has always been a source of inspiration for artists, collectors and art lovers. The gallery is particularly concerned with promoting unknown artists.

In 1994, the now established gallery gugging was founded for the purpose of presenting and selling the works of the “Gugging Artists”. Art Brut, which Jean Dubuffet has defined as unspoiled, raw art by autodidacts, is the core competence of the gallery gugging. We cooperate worldwide with renowned galleries and museums and since 2009, works by internationally renowned art brut artists and contemporary artists of this style have also been presented together with the works of the “Gugging Artists”.


In the gallery gugging itself, four exhibitions a year are shown, accompanied by a catalogue, providing an overview of the artists‘ versatile oeuvre and current events on site. In addition, the gallery is also represented at art fairs such as the Outsider Art Fair in New York or the Drawing Now in Paris as well as the SCOPE in Basel.

The “Gugging Artists” have always inspired great musicians, such as David Bowie, who, after visiting the House of Artists, released his album “Outside” and included works by the artists in his collection.

With the “galerie gugging special edition” in 2017, the gallery gugging opened up to new musical styles and art forms. In the midst of the works of the “Gugging artists”, the guest musicians and concertgoers are offered a unique artistic setting, and works composed especially for this location, such as “Paradise Lost” by Christopher Chaplin or “Sensitive Figure” by Lukas Lauermann, are repeatedly premiered.


The gallery gugging is located in a wonderful setting in the middle of the Vienna Woods. It is a place of tranquillity and at the same time a very creative environment in which artistic work is produced every day and new works are created. We feel that the gallery gugging is an “oasis for the soul”, where you can recharge your batteries and not only enjoy art, but also getting to know the artists at the place of creation and exchanging ideas with them.

Photo last row f.l.t.r.: Claudia Leitmannslehner, Gerti Hacker, Nina Katschnig, Philipp Giegerl, Natalie Herdt / front row f.l.t.r.: Irina Katnik, Claudia Seher, Birgit Müller

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Management Assistant
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Exhibition Management & Organisation of Fairs
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Exhibition Management & Organisation of Fairs
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Gallery Office & Administration
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Art Handling & Registrar
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Claudia SEHER
Accounting Management
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Michael MARTINEK – Fabrique Agency
Artistic Direction “galerie gugging special edition”
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Sabrine HOELLERER (formerly BEN MANSOUR)
currently in maternity protection:
Exhibition Management & Organisation of Fairs

Renting, Premises & Technique

Rent the premises of the gallery gugging for your party! We offer an unmistakable and unique ambience for your private party or your company celebration and look forward to making your event a special experience for you and your guests.

We are open to your wishes, flexibility and service are a matter of course!


We are also happy to help you choose a catering service or you can hire a caterer of your choice. For EUR 500,– excl. rent for one event we offer:

  • 260m² total area in the gallery
  • Possibility for a seated, stylish meal or flying buffet with or without DJ
  • Seating for reading, music etc.

We may forward the costs for positions like end-cleaning or personal costs afterward. We look forward to your call or your e-mail and be for your disposal for any questions.

Contact details

gallery gugging
Gerti Hacker
Am Campus 2
3400 Maria Gugging
Tel.: +43 676 841181 207

Maintenance of collection

With almost 25 years of exhibition activity, we have an excellent international network and see ourselves as partners of artists, galleries and museums. We stand by our customers, collectors and interested parties – according to their individual wishes.

It is a great pleasure for us to advise you in your art purchase and collection building and to provide you with our know-how, including expertises, framing, conservation, delivery and assembly.

We are interested in purchases.


If you purchase a work by a Gugging artist from us, you will always receive an expertise with the invoice.

If you have works by artists from Gugging in your collection that are not yet registered with us, we would be happy to provide expertises.

Per expertise we allow ourselves to charge € 250,– incl. VAT.