Galerie Gugging

mahn – masculines?

19/05/2010 - 14/11/2010

As an exciting statement on the focus on women in the museum gugging with the exhibitions “aloïse.! corbaz”, “hauser’s women.!” and “gugging classics 3.!”, the gallery gugging now presents with “mahn – masculines?” “male images” – the image of the man as well as “male” in art brut. On display are drawings and canvases by the Gugging Artists such as Philipp Schöpke, Johann Korec or Johann Fischer accompanied by works by international art brut artists from Paul Duhem to Martha Grunenwaldt.

Tschirtner’s “Sigmund Freud” next to “Heinz Conrads” by Johann Korec
Philipp Schöpke’s portraits of men owe their creation of the word “mahn”. Putting this term in front of an exhibition and letting “masculines” and a question mark follow is supposed to raise questions. How does “the masculine” present itself in art? Which “codes” shape our idea of the masculine? And is a wink allowed? Gugging Artists, in particular, answer these questions in the presentation – in their own unique and stubborn way. The spectrum ranges from Hauser’s “Rocket” and “Men” serigraphs by Heinrich Reisenbauer to new works by Arnold Schmidt.

Guests at “mahn – masculines?”
With the pictures of the cycle “Ancestors Gallery”, the Munich artist Alexandra Huber shows her view of the “male” and the object artist Christophe, who lives near Paris, completes the show with his bizarre sculptures.