Galerie Gugging

nippon brut

25/11/2010 - 22/05/2011

Yukiko Koide about „nippon brut“

The gallery gugging is pleased to introduce 3 Japanese artists and Japanese Boro work-clothes. Obsessive writings by Yuichi Saito (1983) and Kunizo Matsumoto (1965), vibrant felt applique by Junko Yamamoto (1972) show alongside Japanese Boro, textiles mended and patched meticulously by anonymous women on a daily basis before the 2nd World War. The reserved expressions of these works contrast with common expectations of outsider art – their serenity rejuvenates our sensibility.

Kunizo Matsumoto invites you into his view of the world of Japanese traditional entertainments he admires, while Yuichi Saito’s work obsesses on the contemporary counterpart of Manga and Anime. The felt applique by Junko Yamamoto are a joyful marriage of her keen sense of vision and touch. Boro, which used to be a symbol of poverty and lack of material, show us rich beauty that cannot be commercially produced. Japan has been known for their sensitivity and fine craftsmanship.  These works will demonstrate this tradition forcefully, even outside of the main stream.

This show is a cooperation between Yukiko Koide and her gallery “Yukiko Koide presents”, Tokio, where works by the Gugging Artists Oswald Tschirtner and Leonhard Fink have been presented, too.