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online viewing room – it’s springtime

01/04/2022 - 30/04/2022

Direct Link to our Online Viewing Room

We are pleased to present our latest galerie gugging – Online Viewing Room this April – our spring selection: It’s Springtime opens its doors from April 1, 2022, and can be visited until the 30th of the month. You can expect a diverse mix of works by the Gugging Artists and their international colleagues.

The temperatures are climbing up again, the birds are chirping merrily from the rooftops, and nature is blooming in full splendor. What could be more beautiful than capturing this wonderful spring awakening in the form of an artwork and bring it into your own four walls? Irina Katnik has put together a very special Online Viewing Room with 18 exciting works for you with her It’s Springtime – Selection. There is guaranteed to be something suitable for everyone here, and there is also a high probability that this selection could also provide the Easter Bunny with a valuable impulse when building his nest, which was captured by the Gugging Artist Johann Korec in his work in a very special way, and Alois Fischbach wishes us with his work Happy Easter. Other highlights include a large format work by Karl Vondal entitled The first horse ride at Easter, a floral work by Anna Zemánková, Oswald Tschirtner’s Spring, Lady in spring decoration by Ernst Herbeck, the writer among the Gugging Artists, and much more … in addition, Herbeck’s wonderful poems from his book “Der Hase!!!”* will accompany you on your springtime stroll through our Online Viewing Room.

No question, our colorful spring messengers offer a cross-section of the Gugging Artists as well as exciting national & international artists and thus everything the Art Brut heart desires.

We wish you a wonderful springtime, Happy Easter and from April 1 a lot of joy diving into our new galerie gugging – Online Viewing Room and our It’s Springtime – Selection.

*available in the shop of the museum gugging