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lehner hannes


Hannes Lehner was born in Vienna, Austria, in 1986. In the creative career of the visual artist, central themes such as landscapes, architecture, automobiles, outer space, fantastic animal figures, and male nudes can be found. Lehner’s work is poetically reduced. By placing detailed objects in large-scale, monochromatic landscapes, he invites the viewers to linger. After his school education, Lehner is active at Jugend am Werk in the workshops Kuefsteingasse and currently Im Werd. Over the years, he has created a comprehensive oeuvre that includes drawings, paintings, and three-dimensional objects. Lehner uses various mixed techniques such as acrylic, coloured pencil, gouache or paperboard. In addition to numerous exhibitions in Vienna, his works have also received international recognition, such as his nomination for the EUWARD, Munich, or as part of an art project in Cairo.