Galerie Gugging

#freudebereiten means bringing joy

The gallery gugging invites to a creative gathering!
#freudebereiten means bringing joy

What?Paint a Picture!

Where? Wherever you are!

Why? Because it’s bringing joy for big and small!

How long? Until the end of April 2020.

Where exactly?


We are happy about the medial responses to our #freudebereiten – heart’s installation.
Here you can find a some selected media.


3 Easy steps and you´re on! 
Our Intention: We want to bring joy to our little & big ones wherever they are!

1. Paint a picture
2. Take a photo of you and your artwork.
2. Click on “SCHICKE UNS HIER DEINE BILDER” and upload one photograph including: your name, age and whatever you want to tell us (not more than 50 words).
3. We´ll post it online after a final check for you to share and spread it.

PS: Anyone who joins our installation of joy will also be given the possibility of being part of a future exhibition at the gallery gugging. We will inform you via e-mail, if you have made it.