#freudebereiten means bringing joy

The gallery gugging invites to a creative gathering!
#freudebereiten means bringing joy

What?Paint a Picture!

Where? Wherever you are!

Why? Because it’s bringing joy for big and small!

How long? Until the end of April 2020.

Where exactly?https://galeriegugging.tumblr.com


We are happy about the medial responses to our #freudebereiten – heart’s installation.
Here you can find a some selected media.


3 Easy steps and you´re on! 
Our Intention: We want to bring joy to our little & big ones wherever they are!

1. Paint a picture
2. Take a photo of you and your artwork.
2. Click on “SCHICKE UNS HIER DEINE BILDER” and upload one photograph including: your name, age and whatever you want to tell us (not more than 50 words).
3. We´ll post it online after a final check for you to share and spread it.

PS: Anyone who joins our installation of joy will also be given the possibility of being part of a future exhibition at the gallery gugging. We will inform you via e-mail, if you have made it.