Galerie Gugging

leopold strobl: one @ricco/maresca gallery, ny

29/10/20 - 23/01/21


Imagine a world where woods, mountains, houses, buildings, cities and villages, roads, meadows, beaches, lakes and oceans exist in complete stillness; a silence so profound that it makes shapes and colours glow with almost spiritual intensity. This world is both familiar and eerie; constantly intercepted (and strangely enhanced) with the startling presence of densely rendered graphite formations – resembling boulders, mountain peaks, waves, pods, and prehistoric eggs. Each work by Leopold Strobl is a new window to this mysterious place; an invitation into the mind of its creator and a journey of individual discovery. ONE, the artist’s second one-person exhibition since his art world debut at Ricco/Maresca in April of 2016, presents a selection of his most recent works – all produced between 2019 and 2020.