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marco kleebauer #13 ::: galerie gugging vienna

06/10/2022 18:30:00

The 13th edition of the galerie gugging special edition concert series will be a big exclusive live premiere once again. For the first time ever, we invite you to the ‘special edition’ in the new galerie gugging vienna in Vienna’s 1st district. On October 6th, Marco Kleebauer, one of the currently most exciting, experimental and versatile young Austrian artists, will perform his exciting new performance project “self-destructive music” together with Aaron Hader at the galerie gugging vienna. In the centre: a tape loop along with a magnetic tape, Marco Kleebauer (bass) and Aaron Hader (saxophone). More details in the text below.

Apart from his diverse art projects, Marco Kleebauer is currently conquering the European pop world as a solo artist and with bands such as Sharktank or Leyya, and has already catapulted into the top league as a producer of international formations such as Bilderbuch or Oehl.

About the idea and performance of the artist: “’Self-destructive music’ is an auditory concept that revolves around the question ‘What is music anyway?’. Its dramaturgical form is determined by a tape loop that degenerates itself due to the physical deterioration of the magnetic tape – it’s played over and over again until only white noise is left. We tend to associate ‘nothing’ with white noise, but theoretically it’s all the existing frequencies playing simultaneously, and therefore it’s ‘everything’”. (Marco Kleebauer)

Marco Kleebauer has been ascribed many labels – sound inventor, miracle worker, producer, multi-instrumentalist. They are all correct and yet not sufficient to describe the breadth of the work of this central player of the Austrian pop miracle in recent years. Player, on the other hand, sums it up quite well. With almost childlike joy, Marco Kleebauer shares the most complex setups in the studio on Instagram (@justsmileand.wav) in explanation mode, with which he conjures his sounds that have long become unmistakable. He presents experiments in which he juggles the tonearms of the turntable as if they were children’s toys. This playfulness is the impetus in discovering new sounds. Repetition is the musician’s biggest enemy.

So it’s no wonder that on the one hand he produces the most exciting pop these days. On the other hand, however, he especially enjoys deep-sea diving in the shallows of the musical sea and releases sound fragments and entire musical landscapes at irregular intervals – often spontaneously; or entire concept albums accompanied by home-brewed beer; or in general, as is currently the case, on a sound surface that is supposed to accompany a sketchbook painted by him in its entirety like a radio play.

Marco Kleebauer thus becomes a multimedia Hubble telescope, who, in order to find meaning, has to fathom the limits of his universe anew every day, constantly discovering corners in it whose existence seemed completely unimaginable a day before. The stage is at once his great playroom.

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Artistic direction ‘special edition’: Michael Martinek
Director galerie gugging: Nina Katschnig
Sound & lightning engineering: Wolfgang Wehner

Photo © Sophie Lindinger

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