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POSTPONED to 2022 +++ Sadly we have to postpone the special edition #12 due to mental reasons +++ Tickets are still valid or can be refused (please send an e-mail to As soon as we have a new date we will communicate it!

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For the 12th edition of the concert series “gallery gugging special edition” we are pleased to announce another musical highlight and an exclusive live set – at the very place that already served as inspiration for pop superstar David Bowie: Marco Kleebauer live in the midst of the Gugging Art Brut!

After sold-out performances and even world premieres by and with Mira Lu Kovacs, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Jana Irmert, Lubomyr Melnyk, Christopher Chaplin, Voodoo Jürgens, Lukas Lauermann or Manuel Rubey & Gerald Votava, Marco Kleebauer – one of the currently most exciting, experimental and versatile young Austrian artists – will perform his soundscapes at the Villa Gugging on October 17. He is currently conquering the European pop world with his own projects Sharktank and Leyya and has also catapulted into the top league as a producer of international formations such as Oehl, Bilderbuch or Naked Cameo within a very short time.

Marco Kleebauer has been ascribed many labels – sound tinkerer, wonderwuzzi, producer, multi-instrumentalist. They are all correct and yet not sufficient to describe the breadth of the work of this central player of the Austrian pop miracle of recent years. Player, on the other hand, sums it up quite well. Marco Kleebauer shares with almost childlike joy on Instagram (@justsmileand.wav) in explanation mode the most complex setups in the studio with which he conjures his sounds that have long since become unmistakable. He presents experiments in which he juggles the turntable’s tone arms as if they were children’s toys. This playfulness is the impetus in discovering new sounds. Repetition is the musician’s greatest enemy.

So it’s no wonder that on the one hand he produces the most exciting pop these days – with his own projects like Leyya or Sharktank; for acts like Oehl, Bilderbuch or Naked Cameo. On the other hand, however, he enjoys diving deep into the shallows of the musical sea and releases sound fragments and entire musical landscapes at irregular intervals – often spontaneously; or entire concept albums accompanied by home-brewed beer; or in general, as is currently the case, on a sound surface that is supposed to accompany a sketchbook painted by him in its entirety like a radio play.

Marco Kleebauer thus becomes more and more a multimedia Hubble telescope, who, in order to find meaning, has to fathom the limits of his universe anew every day and always discovers corners in it, whose existence seemed completely unimaginable a day before. The stage is immediately his big playroom.

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Marco Kleebauer

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Artistic direction ‘Special Edition’: Michael Martinek
Director gallery gugging: Nina Katschnig
Sound & lightning engineering: Wolfgang Wehner

*Photo © Sophie Lindinger

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