Galerie Gugging

mira lu kovacs live #9

10/11/2019 15:00:00

The next great musical highlight in the midst of the Gugging art brut art! The 9th edition of the concert & event series “gallery gugging special edition” promises to be another special experience. After acclaimed performances and premieres by greats such as Klaus Maria Brandauer, Manuel Rubey & Gerald Votava, Art Brut, Lubomyr Melnyk, Voodoo Jürgens, Christopher James Chaplin, or Lukas Lauermann, Mira Lu Kovacs (Schmieds Puls, 5K HD), one of the country’s most successful and fascinating artists, will be on stage at Villa Gugging.


Virtuosity and magic on instrument and voice, thwarted from sometimes to the touch of exhausted directness in the narratives; the courage to draw the existing pop appeal into the future with a certain obliqueness, coupled with a self-confident appearance and clear message: Mira Lu Kovacs has set up a lush little house with a garden in the memory of the music-loving public on her recordings, on and off the stage.

Under the name Schmieds Puls she released (“Play Dead”) the first of three extraordinary albums in trio format in 2013. It is followed by “I Care A Little Less About Everything Now” (2015), which won the Amadeus Award, and the beguiling “Manic Acid Love” (2018).

The range of Mira’s work is constantly being expanded – most recently through her collaboration with Clemens Wenger (Jazzwerkstatt Wien, 5/8erl in Ehr’n), with whom she stages her pieces for “The Urge Of Night” in a new way for a ten-member ensemble of her own composition. Each milestone achieved is regarded as the starting point for the next stage of development; new pieces, new forms, new possibilities. Not for nothing Mira Lu Kovacs also collaborates passionately with colleagues – for example in the exciting experimental pop formation 5K HD.

She plays in unusual theatre productions (“Ganymed in Love”), opens the Wiener Festwochen (2018), curates the Wiener Popfest (2019), strengthens the ‘Supergroup’ My Ugly Clementine on the guitar, and stages the Belvedere Museum acoustically (2019).

Photo: © Ina Aydogar

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