Galerie Gugging

voodoo jürgens & lukas lauermann

08/04/2018 15:00:00

The next date of our exclusive concert series promises to be a very special event – the first double concerto and ipso facto a premiere! The “gallery gugging special edition” #5 with Voodoo Jürgens and Lukas Lauermann live. In their respective genres, two absolute exceptional artists with exclusive solo performances in the Villa Gugging!




Celebrated as “Austropop-Hype from the hour!” (Musikexpress) throughout the Germanspeaking countries, Voodoo Jürgens counts as the next “big thing” in Vienna; at the latest after releasing his sublime and with gold status refined debut album “Ansa Woar” in autumn 2016. His exceedingly catchy pre-single “Heite grob ma Tote aus” rapidly became a renowned indie-hit thanks to radio FM4. One could already guess how big this all could get. As a musical example, he mentions, among others, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits or The Libertines, as well as the beat-poets of the fifties. Voodoo Jürgens sings in the language he talks, thinks, dreams and transfers the, over the years, refreshed Wienerlied with his irresistible charm, wit and his coolness on a whole different level.



Premier April 8, 2018! Inspired by the current exhibition “… chaotic!” – alfred neumayr & arnold schmidt in the gallery gugging (February 22 until May 4, 2018), Lukas Lauermann will perform his newest composition for the first time that day.

Lukas Lauermann is cellist for internationally renowned bands, such as, among others, Soap & Skin, Donauwellenreiter, Der Nino aus Wien, Ritornell, A Life A Song A Cigarette, writes and plays music for film and performances, realises sound improvisations.

His long awaited and celebrated debut solo album “How I Remember Now I Remember How” was released in 2017 and emphasizes his exceptional talent. In his productions, Lukas Lauermann comprehends the reduction not as a recess of things, but rather as an immersion in a certain matter, he renders lines of poetry into music, almost playfully extends playing opportunities of an age-old instrument. With all eagerness to experiment, his music oscillates between intellectual sobriety, that waves through the concert hall, and immediacy of pop. Lukas Lauermann is at home in both worlds. He himself describes his style as “barrier-free modern vintage”.

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