Galerie Gugging

flora & fauna brut … may has come …

16/05/2019 - 30/08/2019

Opening: Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 7 pm
Duration: May 16 until August 30, 2019

“Flora and fauna have always inspired artists such as Claude Monet – his water lilies can be admired in the most important museums all over the world. That’s something I also wish for many art brut artists,” says Nina Katschnig, director of the gallery gugging, who is very attached to this subject.

Works by a total of 19 artists from Gugging will be presented, as well as those by autodidacts, and their international colleagues; first and foremost works by the Swiss artist Ida Buchmann, who enjoyed singing songs during the creative process, such as: “… May has come …”. The Viennese sculptress Julia Hanzl interprets and positions ceramics with her impressive sculptures in a completely new way. One of her latest sculptures “Omnia ab uno” expresses exactly what this exhibition is about – “Omnia ab uno et in unum omnia” … “All from one and all in one.”

The fascinating part about this exhibition: the works created in relation to nature – flora and fauna – cannot be considered independently, but are related and complementary. Meaning not only the works in our upcoming exhibition, but also all works ever created on this theme, because the collective unconscious is the one, natural, superordinate component of life and the individual expression of the experienced is the other. The uniqueness of each creator and his individual form of expression determine the work.

Works by Christa Wiener and Basel Al-Bazzaz for the first time

“I walk into the forest and I compose my pictures there”, says Christa Wiener, who has been visiting the open studio gugging since 2017. With fine lines and structures, she creates multi-layered works, that are always in optical balance. Basel Al-Bazzaz, who was born in Baghdad, works in a printing workshop. Over the years, his drawings, which he produced as print templates, have developed into completely independent works. They convince with their abundance of design elements.

Art lovers and collectors can also look forward to works by Laila Bachtiar, birdman Hans Langner, Ernst Herbeck, Helmut Hladisch, Franz Kamlander, Michel Nedjar, Heinrich Reisenbauer, Günther Schützenhöfer, Oswald Tschirtner and Anna Zemánková.