Galerie Gugging

focus on august walla

01/02/2022 - 28/02/2022

Direct link to our Artlogic Online Viewing Room

We are pleased to present our first galerie gugging – Online Viewing Room in February this year. It is dedicated to the works of August Walla, will open its doors online on our website from February 1, 2022, and can be visited until the 28th of the month. Exciting works by the renowned Art Brut superstar await you, who enjoyed worldwide renown with his works during his lifetime as a Gugging Artist. Our selection ranges from painted wooden panels to fine paper formats and historical works from Navratil’s Artist Guestbook. No question, our Online Viewing Room offers everything Walla admirers desire.

August Walla was born in 1936 in Klosterneuburg, Austria. The universal artist wrote thousands of letters, photographed, manufactured objects, designed streets, trees and houses, co-opted and painted his entire surroundings. A mythological world, which he also captured in his room in the House of Artists in Gugging, where he lived from 1983 until his death in 2001, in the form of murals. In 1990, he and the Gugging Artists were awarded the Oskar Kokoschka Prize. When August Walla died on July 7, 2001, even the New York Times wrote an obituary. His works can be found in the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Ireland, in the Collection de l’Art Brut, Switzerland, in the Museum of Modern Art Ludwig Foundation, Austria, and in numerous private collections.

Finally, there is good news for all fans of August Walla, because our upcoming exhibition “MELLITIUS.!” in March 2022 at the galerie gugging will also be all about the world-famous Gugging Artist and his food-inspired works. Prepare to get curious!

We hope you enjoy immersing yourself in our newest Online Viewing Room and the works of August Walla from February 1, 2022.