Galerie Gugging

hipkiss & zemánková

15/05/2014 - 08/06/2014

Apocalyptic landscapes and fantastic images of plants – in this year’s spring exhibition, the gallery gugging proudly presents works by Hipkiss and Anna Zemánková.

Hipkiss’ (*1964) visionary drawings open up lugubrious landscape scenarios: vegetation and utopian architecture interspersed with puppet-like figures or insects resembling cockroaches. Hipkiss, whose pictures bespeak an interest in politics, music and comedy, is a pseudonym for the artistic couple Christopher and Alpha Manson. The contemporary drawing artists are admirers of Anna Zemánkovás oeuvre.

The Czech artist Anna Zemánková (1908-1986) depicts nature as an arena of mental states. Her fantastic plants, composed of arabesques, geometrical shapes and organic formations, appear to be hovering or dancing on the sheet. They were on show at the Biennale in Venice last year.

Simultaneously, as a sneak preview of his solo exhibition “birdman” in February 2015, the gallery gugging offers a few glimpses of his painterly work, primarily dedicated to the depiction of birds.