Galerie Gugging

ida buchmann

17/06/2009 - 01/11/2009

Ida Buchmann was born in 1911 in Egliswil in Switzerland. After 1966 she lived in the psychiatric clinic in Königsfelden, where she was discovered and supported as an artist by Roman Buxbaum. Even as an octogenarian she was still periodically artistically active. Her moods changed from deeply sad to overbearing self-confidence. She created her works in these high moods. Strong strokes and almost gaudy colours characterise her works, which were created at great speed. Ida Buchmann worked predominantly in the presence of a conversation partner, the content of the conversations was always the subject of the works she created. Very personal, shaped by life, her wishes and needs, her works also reflected her respective life situation and mood. Ida Buchmann knew nothing about traditional rural, historical or contemporary art. Her works arose entirely from an inner need for expression and are testimony to a very talented woman who took no account of artistic criteria and created her pictures without bias. The contents always point to her need for love and also for songs, because during the creation there was often singing. She let free associations run their course and a happy mood prevailed. In 2001 Ida Buchmann died at the age of 90 and left behind a small but all the more remarkable oeuvre.