Galerie Gugging

L. E. & O. T. LOYS EGG & OSWALD TSCHIRTNER – only until February 19

20/10/2022 - 19/02/2023

“The design of reality is unsatisfactory.” (Peter Weibel)

The galerie gugging invites you to a summit meeting of two masters of reduction with the new exhibition “L.E. & O.T.”, in which the works of the world-famous Gugging Artist Oswald Tschirtner encounter the sculptures of Loys Egg. The resulting dialogue creates a joyfully infectious togetherness that you shouldn’t miss.

“The design of reality is unsatisfactory.” is a quote by Peter Weibel that hangs framed at Loys Egg’s home and has made a deep impression on gallery director Nina Katschnig:

For me, it sums up in a few words why artists and their art are so important for this world.”

The idea for the joint autumn exhibition of L. E. & O. T. in the galerie gugging comes from Loys Egg, who has known, appreciated and accompanied the Gugging Artists for a long time and for whom the works of Oswald Tschirtner have a very special charm. How exciting the meeting of these two artists is, is revealed by a close look at their lives. On the one hand, the Gugging old hand Oswald Tschirtner, who originally wanted to become a priest and preferred to be “in silence” or listen to quiet music. His simple structures, like his famous “head-footers”, are now known to everyone. – On the other hand, Loys Egg, a free spirit as he is known in the book and rock musician, who gained fame and exhibited very early. Loys Egg is someone who can’t be pigeonholed because he is at home in so many artistic playgrounds, where he sprays his creative energy. The versatile artist’s oeuvre ranges from sculptures and installations to drawings, photographs, and music. Even in the titling of his works, he always remains true to his freedom-loving approach – his works have always remained without exception and consistently “untitled”, thus inviting the beholders to look even closer and meet their true self.

In order to find a coherent selection for the upcoming exhibition Loys Egg & Oswald Tschirtner “The design of reality is unsatisfactory.”, Loys Egg paid a visit to the galerie gugging and, together with the curatorial team Nina Katschnig and Irina Katnik, went through Oswald Tschirtner’s creative treasures from all creative periods. The result speaks for itself. The works of Loys Egg enter into an exciting dialogue with Oswald Tschirtner’s works on paper and canvas and play ping-pong with each other in a humorous and touching way. Look forward to Loys Egg’s line sculptures, which of course include the “heads” of the artist’s “Histoire Naturelle” series created in 2009. These were created, inspired by the anteater “Ilse”, after a visit to Schönbrunn Zoo. Loys Egg loves the animal world, another thing he has in common with Oswald Tschirtner. Our invitation card, the exhibition catalogue & the poster were designed by Loys Egg this time. This takeover is an absolute premiere at the galerie gugging and underlines the creative range of the versatile artist.

In our autumn exhibition Loys Egg & Oswald Tschirtner “The design of reality is unsatisfactory.”, you can expect lightness, joy, dialogue & humor. Four ingredients that guarantee a wonderful visit at the galerie gugging. The artist Loys Egg will be present at the opening.