orchestra rehearsal - constantin luser mit laila bachtiar, ida buchmann, françois burland, franz kernbeis, leonhard fink, johann fischer, johann garber, rene heinrich, helmut hladisch, johann korec, birdman hans langner, lejo, katharina muss, alfred neumayr, h

19/05/2016 - 22/09/2016

galerie gugging is pleased to present works by Constantin Luser together with works by the artists of the gallery as well as the guests of the ‘gugging open studio’ in this year’s spring exhibition.

“Instruments have a soul and the world is sound. The last time we came to the ‘open studio’ with wire, soldering stations, camera and Couscous to experiment with 3D drawings, this time we are going a step further and filling the space in between the wire sculptures with corresponding sound structures of supreme subtleness. The concert and rehearsal blend together, even the tiniest sound becomes the means to an enhanced perception. Gu.. gging. ..   …..”
(Quote by Constantin Luser)

Active in the art world both nationally and internationally, multiple prize-winning artist Constantin Luser, born in 1976 in Graz, decided after completing his training as an industrial designer to start all over again – and study art in Vienna. He has been exhibiting his illustration and installation works worldwide since 2000.
His sketchbook is always at his side. This results in a diary of the artist with words and pictures from all kinds of places that he later publishes.
Each of his artistic works is preceded by a drawing. Luser transposes his thoughts to it, so that complex, detailed, bizarre shapes of people, plants, animals or architecture are revealed. These drawings, executed mostly in fineline pen, can portray a concrete message as well as something meditative, totally freed from thought.
The fine wire drawings that frequently result rotate around their own axis, hanging freely in the room. They are thus always in perpetual motion and so elude the rigidity of the two-dimensional drawing. The visitor makes his own way among the objects, changing his angle of view.
For some years now, music has played an increasingly important role in Constantin Luser’s life, which prompted him to construct over-sized abstract instruments.
The observer himself becomes artist and musician, as soon as he has gotten the better of himself and actually uses the sculpture. What normally is not allowed to be touched, in this case is open to everyone. Depending on which instrument is handled, a different sound is emitted. An ever-changing experience.