Galerie Gugging

over above… leopold strobl & arnulf rainer

19/11/2020 - 14/03/2021

With “over above…”, the gallery gugging invites you to the summit meeting of two exceptional Austrian artists of overpainting and overdrawing. The old master Arnulf Rainer meets the shooting star Leopold Strobl, who celebrates his 60th birthday this year and will be presented by the gallery with a show of 60 works, which illuminates his entire artistic spectrum. It will be presented together with 15 works by Arnulf Rainer, one of Austria’s most famous artists.

Leopold Strobl and Arnulf Rainer are united by overdrawing or overpainting over what already exists until it corresponds to their respective, very personal aesthetics. However, the approach to each individual work and the choice of their working material are completely different. While Leopold Strobl exclusively overdraws photographs from newspapers, Arnulf Rainer overpaints his own works. The aim of both is the perfection of what already exists.

Furthermore, Strobl knows Rainer personally and describes the encounter, which took place in the studio gugging, as “quite pleasant”. Rainer was and is someone who has always been enthusiastic about art outside the mainstream and has thus visited many studios over the years. Rainer has paid regular visits to the Gugging Artists since 1965. He was also one of the first to take an interest in their work and presented it to a broad public in 1969, when he showed his collection for the first time at the Vienna Secession and the “Galerie nächst St. Stephan”. Thus, the common circle of Arnulf Rainer and the art from Gugging is closed.

Don’t miss this opportunity and dive into the artistic worlds of Leopold Strobl & Arnulf Rainer in the gallery gugging.
We are looking forward to your visit!

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*A wonderful article about Leopold Strobl in the latest issue of Hyperallergic!