Galerie Gugging

hagen-reck artur

(1925 - unknown)

Artur Hagen-Reck was born in 1925 in Vienna, Austria, (date of death unknown), where he graduated from high school in 1943. In the same year, he was drafted into the Wehrmacht. After the war, he tried to start a new life and not only began studying medicine, but also gave piano and violin concerts. However, he was unable to complete his studies and was admitted to the psychiatric clinic in Gugging in 1955. The artist owned a Märklin construction set, which he used to construct all kinds of objects, and which became a whole world for him, which he called “Planetarium”. He dedicated a series of drawings and writings to him. His works can be found in the abcd ART BRUT Collection, France, and in the Arnulf Rainer Collection, Austria.