Galerie Gugging

griebler manuel


Manuel Griebler was born in 1991 in Kirchdorf, Austria, and has lived in the House of Artists since 2016. Initially, he used pencil and oil pastels to draw sheet-filling faces with wild and dense strokes in several layers on paper. Soon, however, he switched to using coloured pencils exclusively in his oeuvre and working colour-intensely with high pressure on the sheet. The works of Manuel Griebler are dominated by small heads, which, looking in all directions, spread across the sheet. Between the heads idiosyncratic figures, rainbows, showers, suns, cranes and what else comes to the artist’s mind find their place. His preferred format is the A3-format, however, he now also works on smaller and larger formats and has discovered joy in multi-part complete works. Griebler’s works can be found in numerous private collections.