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01/06/ - 30/06/21


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We are pleased to present our newest gallery gugging – Online Viewing Room. It’s dedicated to the works of Heinrich Reisenbauer and Manuel Griebler, opens its doors on June 1, and will be open for you until June 30, 2021. In our Online Viewing Room, we want to show you exclusive works of our artists at regular intervals, which are currently not presented in an exhibition on site at the gallery gugging.

In our current selection, there is an exciting clash between the works of Heinrich Reisenbauer, a renowned art brut classic with a unique formal language, and the works of Manuel Griebler, the newcomer of the hour, who has developed his own unique style in recent years.

Gallery director Nina Katschnig puts it in a nutshell:

“The aspect that unites our two artists is that they have a certain order and structure in their works. While Reisenbauer’s works are arranged in a very linear way and literally dance at the work, Griebler’s repetitions are structured and arranged in a more complex way. Thus, the two artists, who are after all 53 years apart, complement each other in an exciting way.”

As a result, we would like to introduce you to the two artists, who both live in the House of Artists in Gugging, in a little more detail.

Heinrich Reisenbauer was born in 1938 in Kirchau, Austria, and has been living in the House of Artists in Gugging since 1986. Reisenbauer became famous for his serigraphic depictions, which accurately portray objects or other simple motifs, side by side and beneath one another. The artist draws from left to right with pencil and coloured pencil on paper; he uses Edding marker and acrylic paint for his large-format works on canvas. In 1990, he and the Gugging Artists were awarded the Oskar Kokoschka Prize. His works can be found in the Museum of Everything, England, the LaM, France, and in the Helmut Zambo Collection, Germany, among others.

Manuel Griebler was born in 1991 in Kirchdorf, Austria, and has lived in the House of Artists since 2016. Since then, he has also been a regular visitor to the studio gugging, where he initially used pencil and oil pastels to draw sheet-filling faces on paper with wild and dense strokes in several layers. Soon, however, he switched to using coloured pencils exclusively in his oeuvre. Usually in the centre of the picture, he first places a larger figure and also gives the work a frame at the beginning. In a next step, the elaboration of the entire pictorial space with ornamental and recurring elements such as spirals, arches, figures, circles or jags follows, since 2020 heads are dominant. His preferred format is the A3-format; however, he now also works on larger formats.

We hope you will enjoy diving into our newest Online Viewing Room and the wonderful worlds of Heinrich Reisenbauer and Manuel Griebler from June 1, 2021.