Galerie Gugging

Life in the Moon – Daniel Spoerri & Art Brut

27/03/ - 14/11/21


As early as the 1950s, Daniel Spoerri developed a lively interest in so-called »outsider art« or »art brut«. Like many other artists, he recognised and admired the power and stubbornness in the works of artists with disabilities. In 2005, a project around the theme of »Prillwitz Idols« took place in the Cologne workshop »Allerhand«. The artists there took up the theme. Numerous drawings, paintings and sculptural works were created.

The exhibition »Leben im Mond« is realised in close cooperation with the »Verein der Freunde des Hauses der Künstler in Gugging« and the Cologne »Kunsthaus Kat18«. On the basis of these and other loans from private collections, it will be possible to trace Daniel Spoerri’s points of contact with »Art brut«. This includes the work of the maverick Armand Schulthess (1901 – 1972) as well as objects and typefaces by August Walla. The vision of flight is another major theme of the exhibition; thanks to the cooperation with the »Gustav Mesmer« Foundation, it will experience an impressive expansion starting in June.*

Opening: March 27, 2021 4 – 7 pm
Duration: March 27 – November 14, 2021

*Excerpt from the press text for the exhibition