Galerie Gugging

“Elks” by Basel Al-Bazzaz for Licht ins Dunkel

Online auction & Zotter chocolate


The artist Basel Al-Bazzaz has donated his artwork “Elks” for this year’s Licht ins Dunkel auction.

This artwork has been auctioned successfully at the Dorotheum: Online Auction für ORF III Licht ins Dunkel from November 29 until December 19, 2021.

Zotter Chocolate

A gift-box with 2 chocolates and € 4,– donation share – a sweet present that helps at the same time.

ORF – Licht ins Dunkel supports projects for the disabled and social welfare throughout Austria. The cover for this gift box has been created by the artist Basel Al-Bazzaz, whose works can be found at the gallery gugging.

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