Galerie Gugging

hackedepicciotto #12

27/02/2022 15:00:00


Not one but two great international exceptional artists honor Gugging in the 12th edition of the “galerie gugging special edition” series – and that as an inseparable team in life and in music. And there is also a little back story that makes the guest performance even more special. There is an artistic cross connection between the legendary band Einstürzende Neubauten and Gugging Art Brut – in 1983 the band named one of their albums “Drawings of Patient O.T.” inspired by Oswald Tschirtner’s unmistakable painting style.

The more exciting that now Einstürzende Neubauten co-founder and member Alexander Hacke will visit the Villa Gugging and the place of origin of Tschirtner’s art with an exclusive life set together with Danielle de Picciotto (co-founder of Love Parade / Crime & the City Solution) aka hackedepicciotto. And if that wasn’t reason enough to rejoice, hackedepicciotto will also be presenting their internationally acclaimed and magnificent new album “The Silver Threshold”, which was recently released on the legendary British cult label Mute. A must-see!

Artistic Direction ‘Special Edition’: Michael Martinek
Director galerie gugging: Nina Katschnig
Sound- and light engineering: Wolfgang Wehner

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Photo © Sven Marquardt

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