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lou asril live #11

18/10/2020 15:00:00

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***Interview with Lou Asril from August 12, 2020 on***

The next great musical highlight in the midst of the Gugging art brut and at the place that even pop superstar David Bowie was inspired by: Lou Asril live in Gugging!

The 11th edition of the concert & event series “gallery gugging special edition” thus promises to be once again an outstanding live experience. After sold-out performances and premieres by and with Mira Lu Kovacs, Voodoo Jürgens, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Manuel Rubey & Gerald Votava, Lubomyr Melnyk, Art Brut, Jana Irmert & Runar Magnusson, Christopher Chaplin or Lukas Lauermann among others, the young shooting star Lou Asril, one of the country’s greatest musical talents, will be on stage at the Villa Gugging.

“Get to know Lou Asril before he is famous”, warned the pop culture magazine “The Gap” and was proved right.

Due to the (well-deserved) hype surrounding this exceptional artist – who is often referred to as a soul & RnB prodigy – this is probably one of the last chances to see him live in a similarly personal setting. Goose-pimple moments included.


At 11, he starts a classical piano education, at 15 he stands on stage with his own songs for the first time and puts together a band. At 17, he wins the Joe Zawinul Award (a prize for young talents donated by the estate of the legendary Weather Report founder and Miles Davis pianist) and tours the studios of Los Angeles. In 2019, he releases his first single “Divine Goldmine”, which promptly causes a great stir. In addition to prominent playlist placements, festival invitations and concerts follow, which more than confirm the first impression: He didn’t build his world of lots of feeling and gentle groove just for himself. One eye on the dance floor, the other deeply closed for a look inside – this hits the zeitgeist and can be heard and felt on the second single “Soothing Moving” just as much as on his amazing live sets.

Artistic direction ‘special edition’: Michael Martinek
Director gallery gugging: Nina Katschnig
Sound & light technology: Wolfgang Wehner

Photo: © Tim Cavadini

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