Galerie Gugging

simply… art kamlander | kernbeis | reisenbauer

28/09/2023 - 11/02/2024

“simply… art”, the title of our next exhibition and the extensive catalog of the same name, says it all, in fact. “Simply art” … no ifs, no buts … The oeuvre of Franz Kamlander, Franz Kernbeis, and Heinrich Reisenbauer has received too little recognition up to now, and therefore we are even more pleased to focus on these three Gugging Artists in our fall exhibition.

All three creative fine spirits reflect personal experiences as well as preferences in a simple, clear, unmistakable formal language in their works, were distinguished with the coveted Oskar Kokoschka Prize in 1990, and are categorized under Art Brut – the style of raw, autodidact, unadulterated art defined by Jean Dubuffet in the 1950s.

Curator Nina Katschnig goes into raptures when talking about the three artists’ working methods:

“What touches me is that, despite their differences, they complement each other so well. Both Kamlander, Kernbeis, and Reisenbauer draw completely from their innermost being – there is no left & no right. None of our three protagonists could do anything else in any way.”

The works of Kamlander, Kernbeis, and Reisenbauer are today represented in numerous renowned international and national private as well as museum collections. At this point we do not want to withhold our exhibition publication, edited by Nina Katschnig, in which the authors Elsy Lahner, curator of the Vienna’s Albertina, Miroslav Hal’ák, curator of the Belvedere Vienna, and Irina Katnik, curator & exhibition organizer of the galerie gugging, pay tribute to our three artists in a very personal way. The texts complement each other ideally and are as different as the oeuvre of our three Gugging Artists themselves.

The catalog “simply… art” can be purchased in our gallery for € 35.

We warmly invite you to visit this unique exhibition in Gugging and explore the works of these three artists, who, as people—and in the way they create—could not be more different.

SAVE THE DATE: Wednesday, September 27, 2023, at 7:00 pm in Maria Gugging in the presence of the Gugging Artist Heinrich Reisenbauer