Galerie Gugging

pellegrini simone


Simone Pellegrini was born in 1972 in Ancona, Italy. His career as an artist began in 1996 during his training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, Italy, where he graduated in 2000. All works are unique monoprints on a parchment-like paper, which are hand-coloured with charcoal by the artist himself and distressed with oil on paper to create a sense of aging. The large sheets often have a symmetrical structure and they convey the impression of very old codices with scientific, medical, alchemistic, mythological or esoteric contents. Simone Pellegrini’s works were already exhibited in the galerie christian berst art brut, France, and the James Freeman Gallery, England, and can be found in numerous public collections. The artist lives and works in Bologna, Italy.