Galerie Gugging

visualized dreams …

07/10/21 - 20/03/22


The protagonists of the exhibition visualized dreams… at the museum gugging are three Art Brut artists who have immortalized their dreams in their artworks. Ida Buchmann (1911–2001) sang the songs whose lyrics found their way into her works as she created her boldly colorful art. Johann Korec (1937–2008) was inspired by dreams of love and gave expression to them in his drawings and paintings.
Johann Fischer (1919–2008), on the other hand, wrote in his meticulous cursive about his understanding of the world, the way it works and the way it ought to be.

The Swiss artist Ida Buchmann and the two Artists from Gugging Johann Korec and Johann Fischer share four major features: First, they visualized their desires, fantasies and ideas about the world in their art. Second, within their works, they used writing to supplement the content of the visual elements. Third, none of them had any artistic training and, fourth, all three had extensive experience living under psychiatric care. They created emotional works that were developed not based on art world sources and models but instead on their personal talents and experiences and the circumstances of their lives.*

We are pleased that gallery loans from all three artists are also represented. The book visualized dreams … will be published by the Residenz Verlag in German and English to accompany the exhibition.

*©museum gugging