Galerie Gugging

kindred spirits

15/06/2023 - 16/09/2023

The four artists of our summer exhibition “kindred spirits” are connected by an invisible bond that is not of this world. Hannes Lehner, Margot, Misleidys Castillo Pedroso & Simone Pellegrini are united by their soulful devotion, which gives their artworks this touching directness and sincerity. Convince yourself!

Our four artists could not be more different in their unique formal language – and yet they have much in common. Their approach to dealing with materials is accompanied by an unagitated matter of course and intensity. Unconventional and yet clear, different beings, forms and lines conquer the previously free surfaces and connect us with our origin – the infinite soul.

“You don’t have forces … Forces have you!” – Simone Pellegrini

The Italian artist Simone Pellegrini crafts his own paper, which looks like parchment. On this he applies the creatures previously drawn on the matrices with a stamping technique he developed himself, using natural pigments, iron stamps and oil. This gives his imposing, large works not only a unique patina, but also the special smell. For the artist, the works he creates have their own identity. Also, the papers decide which “ghosts” are allowed to show themselves on them and which are not. Pellegrini works in his studio in Bologna mainly at night, listening to podcasts during the time. This frees his mind, and his hands know what to do.

Margot describes the creative approach to her work in a similar way. The French artist allows herself to be literally found and guided by her material. It shows her which colours and shapes may be applied. For her new small-format series “praa memoro”, Margot drew on boiled paperboard, which has had a lasting effect on her and inspired her to set off in new directions with her works and try out different colours. For the artist, it felt like she was in a place in her vision that she had never been before. For Margot, each individual work is part of her overall creative process and basically cannot be considered separately …

„It’s like with human beings. We form a whole and we are part of an eternal cycle. We are as big as we are small.“ – Margot

Cuban artist Misleidys Castillo Pedroso, who has very limited social contacts, also creates her own creative universe. She paints bold, intensely coloured protectors and friends on paper, which she cuts out and applies to the walls of her apartment near Havana with brown tape. The figures, heads and body parts, some larger than life, impress with their clarity of line and colour choices. Misleidys does not communicate in a traditional way – she has found her own way to connect with the beings she creates through various hand gestures. For the Cuban, her art, which she taught herself autodidactically, is a way to feel in the best company and protected, despite her seclusion, and beyond that, like a bridge to the “normal” world.

Unlike the other three artists, Hannes Lehner likes to imagine himself in company. The Viennese has been active in “Jugend am Werk” for many years and loves to communicate. As much as the artist appreciates all the “hustle and bustle” outside, he always consciously withdraws to devote himself to his art in a focused manner. Lehner’s works are as versatile as he is himself. After focusing on his painted cars and houses at our last exhibition in Maria Gugging “simplicity | complexity”, this time we are showing a series of works depicting streets and highways. Primarily in red, light beige and turquoise, the delicate drawings have something organic about them and could just as easily pass for nerves and bloodlines. We are also pleased to show Lehner’s latest sculpture, inspired by the monastery and castle of Bebenhausen/Tübingen, for the first time.

Congeniality is not given per se between artists and people. In the case of our four artists, this special connection is noticeable, as if they had been linked by an invisible bond. See for yourself and visit our summer exhibition “kindred spirits”, where you can expect a variety of never shown, recent and older works. We look forward to welcoming you in the presence of the artists Hannes Lehner, Margot and Simone Pellegrini at our opening on June 14, 2023, at 7 pm in Maria Gugging.