Galerie Gugging


18/11/2021 - 27/02/2022

With “otherworldly”, the gallery gugging invites to an extraordinary show in which a force that is seemingly not of this world takes us by the hand. Immerse yourself in the heavenly cosmos of the Gugging Artists and their international colleagues – from Jürgen Tauscher to August Walla … from Margot to Simone Pellegrini.

otherworldly – where words end and eternity begins …

How often do we lose ourselves in everyday life, pedaling on the hamster wheel and longing for liberation that brings lightness, joy, and peace of mind? – These are qualities that come to us seemingly out of nowhere when we look at great works of art. We feel touched, inspired, connected, and even glimpse who we really are. – Our current exhibition “otherworldly” is about this magical, invisible bond that arises when infinity reveals itself and earthly words are no longer sufficient to capture it.

Curator Irina Katnik has come up with something special for the gallery gugging’s winter exhibition and put together an exciting, diverse show under the title “otherworldly”. Katnik on the choice of the exhibition title: “A loyal Gugging lover used otherworldly when she first saw the works of Leopold Strobl, who is able to capture light like no other. The magic of his small-format drawings, which act like magnetic portals, never let her go, and I feel the same way. Needless to say, he’s a fixed starter in our upcoming exhibition.”

“otherworldly” shows works by the Gugging Artists and their international art brut colleagues, who have created their very own, distinctive cosmos using different techniques and media.